Commercial Inspections

We can also help with your commercial inspections; however, the scope of such is too complicated to discuss in the amount of space and time given. We do recommend that you call for information. Commercial inspections are generally done in one of two terms or types:

CURSORY, defined as rapidly and superficially performed which will give you a thumbnail view of the subject property. This is basically a walk-around with report given (pictures taken) of the visual condition with no testing or operating of equipment.


FULL AND EXHAUSTIVE, suggests that all areas of the structure will be viewed, tested, checked and items “in need of repair” will be listed. Depending on the size of the project, other trades or crafts may be employed to assist in the evaluation of the property.


It is common to have a licensed electrician, HVAC technician, and/or an engineer be a part of the exhaustive inspection. This is your investment, you let us know what you need. We have the personnel to accommodate you.

Fees for commercial inspections generally start at .15 per square foot. Call for a quote today - 281-448-7300.


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